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Tail Shape: Wing Swallow

Fin System: FCS 2 5fin setup

Construction: PU Stringer

Wave Size: 0 - 4 Ft

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional

Wave Type: Point Break, Beach Break and Reef Break


The Black Vulture is a model that team rider Lee Wilson put to the test. Lee fell in love with his Black Vulture and claims its one of the fastest boards he has ever ridden. Let's break it down:


The Black Vulture has a fuller nose, added foam under the chest and a wider outline. The wide point is a little further forward too, giving it great foam under the chest and front foot when your surfing, also making it a wave catching machine (much similar foam distribution to the Rare Bird). We then gave it a bump swallow tail to pull the tail in and give it drive. Combined with a single concave to vee out through the tail. Resulting in a wave catching machine that turns on a dime.

Recommend riding it the same or slightly shorter than the Rare Bird, or your desired volume.

Has been surfed as a twin w/ center stabiliser and with a traditional thruster set up and found gold in both

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