So you are heading to the beach and need to rent a board! We got you covered year round for all your rental needs! Surfboards (Long, Short, Soft etc). We also have a few Boogie boards and Beater Boards available for rental as well. We rent wetsuits, booties and gloves in case you want to get in a session on those colder days. 

Come in to grab a rental or reserve online to pick up so it's ready when you get here. It's up to you!










We are now affiliated with AWAYCO for premium surfboard rentals! You can rent a premium short or long board through the AWAYCO platform and pick it up from the shop when you are ready to hit the water. Perfect for advance surfers looking for better equipment. If you really like the board after you surf it, ask us about purchasing it!










Don't want to wait? Rent your board or wetsuit now and pick up at the store tomorrow:

  1. Click on link below.

  2. All rentals are for following day or later only. No same day rentals.

  3. Pick your board or wetsuit.

  4. Pick day and pick up time.

  5. Show reservation to pick up your gear.

  6. That's it!

*** All Rentals will be forfeited and no refund issued if equipment not picked up 1 hour  after your scheduled pick up time***

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Rent a standard soft surfboard or epoxy/fiberglass board.

Must provide a valid driver's license or identification which we hold onto during the lengthen of your rental.

  • Surfboards rentals are on a first come first serve basis.

  • Wetsuit rental (includes boots & gloves if needed) $10 a day if rented with a surfboard or $15 a day if rented separately.