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"We didn't want to be just another run of the mill surf & skate shop selling cool stuff. We think that singular approach is short sighted. Connecting to our customers listening to what they have to say is important to us. Paying attention to the pulse of this changing community is important to us and carrying the right product is important to us. Good vibes always." 


Take the A train to Far Rockaway, (make sure it says Far Rockaway as there is also an A train going to Lefferts do not want that one). Get off at Broad Channel and wait on the same platform for the S (Shuttle) train. Take it one stop to Beach 90 street. Walk towards the beach and make a right on Rockaway Beach Blvd. We are located between 91st and 92nd Street on Rockaway Beach Blvd.


Station RBNY is about surfing, about skateboarding, about NY beach life and about the Rockaway Beach community. Over 25 years of surf and skate industry knowledge by the owner went into the planning of the store, so we kind of know what we are doing. The surf scene and community in Rockaway has been changing a lot since we started surfing here back in 91.  The same thing can be said of the surf and skate industry, equipment and fashion.  We try to stay on top of what's new and trending but weed out the hype so you get what you really need and not the next best gimmick.


Sales, rentals, lessons, board lockers, board demos, ding repairs we do it all so we got you covered for most of what you will need for a fun day at the beach. Or, if you want to go hit the skate park/street spot we carry a solid line of skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, cruiser boards etc at our sister shop Grindtime Skate shop


You have a surfboard but hate lugging it to the beach or bringing it on the subway? Store it in one of our lockers so it's already at the beach when you need it.

Stop in, hang out with us, talk about your last surf trip or skate session, tell us about your favorite board, we like the stories and have a few of our own. 


We are not the oldest shop in the area or the biggest, can't brag about more than one location (yet), in case that stuff is important to you. But, you will get no ego or attitude, just good vibes, a knowledgeable staff, great product and a love for what we do.

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